Merin Grace BABY

Merin Grace Baby is currently a dedicated PhD student at IFPEN (France) with a master's degree in environmental engineering from the NIT, Surat (India) and under graduation in Civil Engineering from GEC Kozhikode (India). She brings valuable experience from her work in the metal manufacturing and water treatment industries. Her PhD thesis mainly focuses on "Quantification of fragmentation and aging of microplastics (MPs) in the environment" directed by PhD. HdR. Maria-Fernanda Romero-Sarmiento in collaboration with J. Gerritse (Deltares, Netherlands), A. Beltran-Sanahuja (Alicante University, Spain), Sébastien Rohais (IFPEN) and H. Wolter (The Ocean Cleanup, Netherlands).


  • Nutrient removal/recovery by using microbial fuel cell: effect of cathode surface area to volume ratio: (August 2021 -July 2022)

Supervised by Prof: M Mansoor Ahammed

  • Quantification of microplastics in food containers: (August 2021-December 2021)

Supervised by Prof: Kunwar D Yadav

  • Affordable Rapid mass housing: (August 2018- July 2019)

Supervised by Prof: Ragesh P P


  • Assistant Manager-HSE & Sustainability at Sterlite Copper, Vedanta Limited: July 2022-October 2023

Major responsibility includes monitoring and mitigation of pollution, coordinating projects to attain ESG targets and tracking sustainability KPIs (BRSR, ISO, GRI and carbon emission calculation), ensuring environmental compliance aligning to National and International regulatory framework.

  • Intern: at Paradigm environmental strategies Pvt Ltd.: June-July 2021

Worked on design of various wastewater treatment units.

Promotion 2023-2026


Merin Grace Baby, Mansoor Ahammed; Nutrient removal and recovery from wastewater by microbial fuel cell-based systems – A review. Water Sci Technol 1 July 2022; 86 (1): 29–55. DOI: