Issue 53 of Science@ifpen - PhD projects and Yves Chauvin prize


Andreas Ehinger 
     Andreas Ehinger

    Doctoral Program Director



“The doctorate suffers from a poor image throughout virtually the whole of French society.” This warning, recently delivered by the French National Research and Technology Association (ANRT),  is accompanied, in the same report, by another observation: “The doctorate is strategic, a vital asset within the context of unparalleled international competition for talent.” The combination of these two alarming observations for France gives rise to a powerful appeal For a major national plan to support the doctorate

At IFP Energies nouvelles, we have always believed in the vital contribution made by our doctoral students to scientific advances and the expansion of cutting-edge knowledge in our research fields, as well as in the need to thoroughly train our doctoral students and prepare them to take responsibilities in a broad range of activities and economic sectors. Our doctoral training program, targeting doctoral students as well as their supervisors, reflect this ambition. 

The scientific excellence of our doctoral students is recognized via the numerous prizes and awards they are given by their peers for their research, and by the Yves Chauvin Prize for the best IFPEN thesis. In this issue, you can read about the themes submitted to the Scientific Committee for selection this year, starting with that of award winner Alexandre Delarouzée.

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