Interactions entre les parcs éoliens et la stratification stable de l’atmosphère : impacts sur la zone d’inversion et la surface



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Physical Sciences and Physico-chemistry

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Applied Physico-chemistry and Mechanics

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Since 2016, a partnership was initiated between IFP Energies Nouvelles and the Centre National de Recherche en Météorologie (CNRM – Météo France), to study the interactions between wind turbines and the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL). The work achieved so far aims at understanding and modeling the impact of the ABL thermal stratification on wind power generation. Furthermore, this work also assumes that future large wind turbines could modify thermal stratification, especially under stable conditions, leading to possible changes in local meteorology.
Recent studies have shown, for these conditions, that gravity waves can appear at the top of the ABL, and that hotter and dryer air masses can appear near the ground, downstream wind turbines. Consequently, impacts on cloud formation and vegetation can therefore be considered. This thesis purpose is to study them.
In previous works, the Meso-NH atmospheric numerical model (based on a LES framework) was enriched with wind aerodynamic models, in particular the Rotating Actuator Disk. It is then possible to accurately simulate wind turbines interacting with a realistic ABL. This thesis will use this tool to assess the impact of future large wind turbines wakes on temperature and humidity. It will aim at identifying the main characteristics inducing these phenomena (rotor size, layout density, ABL stability, ABL height, type of surface). It will also highlight the need to improve operational models.
The Ph.D. student will benefit from the expertise of CNRM on the meteorological aspects and of IFPEN on the wind turbine aspects. The student will work in a national and international environment, through ANR, IEA Wind, etc. projects, enabling the obtained results to be shared and compared.

Encadrant IFPEN :
JOULIN Pierre-Antoine
PhD student of the thesis:
Promotion 2023-2026