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Published on 2024-05-27

Taking trace compounds into account in Chemoinformatics

With the announced drastic reduction of the amount of fossil energy resources in the European energy mix, it is important to define viable alternatives to petrochemicals. The transformation of lignocellulosic biomass and the various synthesis processes make it possible to provide a wide variety of families of compounds with high added value.

Chemical Sciences Applied Physico-chemistry and Mechanics Rueil-Malmaison
Published on 2024-04-26

High-throughput processing and surface modification of functional porous polyolefin separators for Na-ion batteries

Under the European Green Deal, the demand for advanced secondary batteries is a pressing challenge. Critical for the impending energy transition, these batteries are instrumental for advancing the electric vehicle market, a linchpin for EU industrial and economic expansions.

Materials Science and Engineering Applied Physico-chemistry and Mechanics Lyon
Published on 2024-03-13

Conceptualisation and design of a DNN inference framework dedicated to massive parallel simulation on exascale architectures

INRIA and IFP Energies nouvelles, leading French research laboratories, are seeking a talented and motivated master's student to join their team for a PhD position. As numerical simulation plays a pivotal role in our research and industrial applications, optimizing the performance of our parallel simulators is crucial.

Mathematics Digital Science and Technology Rueil-Malmaison
Published on 2024-02-29

Implicit solvers with time-step coresolution and warm start for evolution problems in geosciences

The numerical discretization of physical models representing evolutionary problems in many fields leads to nonlinear algebraic systems of very large dimensions. The process of solving these systems, which must be carried out robustly and rapidly at each time-step in order to increase software efficiency, comes up against a number of obstacles.

Mathematics Digital Science and Technology Rueil-Malmaison
Published on 2024-02-16

Bifunctional catalysis for the valorization of saturated fatty compounds

Producing renewable fuels and chemicals from biomass is mandatory in the fight against climate change as well as land and sea pollution. Fatty acids, derived from the lipid fraction of biomass, are oleochemical molecules of choice for the manufacture of biodegradable surfactants, cosmetics, lubricants and polymers.

Chemical Sciences Catalysis, Biocatalysis and Separation Lyon
Published on 2024-02-12

Real-Time Data-Driven Modeling of Road Traffic Pollutant Emissions and Atmospheric Concentrations at an Urban Scale

The importance of air quality cannot be underestimated as it represents a major public health issue: today, nearly 91% of the global population is exposed to air pollution levels exceeding the exposure thresholds set by the WHO. This thesis lies at the intersection of three scientific domains: numerical modeling, air quality, and deep learning.

Computer and Information Science Digital Science and Technology Lyon
Published on 2024-02-08

Development of a PTV technique for 3D3C characterization of liquid films in direct liquid cooling of electrical systems

Increasing our scientific and technical knowledge is a vital lever for improving energy systems and reducing our environmental footprint. With this in mind, we propose to develop a technique for simultaneously characterizing the thickness of a liquid film, the flow velocity field within it and that in the surrounding air.

Physical Sciences and Physico-chemistry Mobility and Systems Rueil-Malmaison